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Baltic Company is a financial company which specializes in formation, registering and maintaining (legal and accounting services) of Latvian companies for non-residents. Our core business is professional company establishment and administration. We have acquired great experience - it is not necessary to come to Latvia in any phase of activities of company if you don't have time.

We offer full package of services - establishing new company or offering shelf (ready - made) company, accounting services, annual reports, legal addresses, e-mails on Latvian web servers, sending post from Latvia according to needs of client.


To start a business in Latvia there are two possibilities:
1. To make a new company;
2. To buy a running business.

Here are some advantages of buying existing business:
- Starting with the next day after the purchase, the new owner begins to receive back invested finances;
- There is formed circle of loyal customers and providers who trust to the existing company;
- It is more easily to acquire the financing;
- There is developed business plan and marketing.

Here are some disadvantages of buying existing business:
- Some businesses for sale are experiencing difficulties. It is really necessary to find out the real reason why the owner wants to sell business;
- It is not possible always to check all history of deals of a company.

The service is designed for sellers of business and buyers of business or companies. To sell or buy business or company properly for adequate price we offer:
- Preparation of the company for selling or buying;
- Finding seller or buyer of company / business;
- Negotiations with both sides;
- Preparing all necessary documents and legal processing of transaction.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get more information.


One of our main services is formation (establishing) companies in republic of Latvia in State Register of enterprises. Our employees according to your needs are ready to give you all necessary information and consultations about establishing Latvian company and necessary documents, as well as drawing up all required documents for registering of Latvian company.

There are several company types in Latvia - Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, individual businessman, limited partnership etc. Here you can find main necessary information about formation of most popular company type in Latvia - Limited Liability Company as well as our offered services related with changes in foundation documents of company.


Main office/Latvia:
Registered Number 40103341122
Registerd VAT Number 40103341122

Project Manager in Latvia
Mr. Indars Bruvelis

Adress: Dreilinu street 4-12, Riga, Latvia, LV-1048
Phone : +371 22 33 42 64
E-mail: indars@baltic-company.com
Web: www.baltic-company.com